SIE Activities

SIE provides a range of activities designed to help promote and stimulate business understanding in students and give you the confidence to consider starting up your own businesses or develop useful skills that will help you get a good job after graduation. We work closely with universities, colleges and other organisations within Scotland’s entrepreneurial ecosystem to provide a joined-up approach and the best possible support for students and graduates.

Local and national events organised by SIE are designed to help inspire and encourage you with real-life stories of entrepreneurs who have done it for themselves. These are supported by workshops on innovative thinking and how to get and develop a good business idea.

Our interns are very active on campuses promoting enterprise and organising fun activities for their local student community. Each of them is active on Twitter and also runs a Facebook group for every institution where we have an intern to help you keep track of everything that’s going on. Find out who your local Intern is on our team page and get in touch!

Our national competitions and supporting activities are designed to help take you from an idea to launch, but they, and some of our other activities like Bootcamp, will also help provide you with useful skills you can take elsewhere after graduation if you decide not to start a business just yet.

Free one-to-one specialist business advice and support for students and young entrepreneurs is provided by SIE’s team of dedicated business advisors. You can request contact from a friendly business advisor in this section.