After over 20 years supporting student enterprise and entrepreneurship in Scotland, the Scottish Institute for Enterprise has now closed.

From its inception, SIE introduced a number of important firsts for Scotland and played a unique role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem; testing new initiatives and providing a core hub of enterprise activity & support in Scotland for students and educators.

SIE was formally launched in 2000 with funding from the Office of Science and Technology to help five research-based universities boost the commercial potential of university science and technology research. The original partner institutions were: Dundee University, Edinburgh University, Glasgow University, Heriot Watt University and Strathclyde University.

By its closing in 2021, SIE had expanded to work directly with emerging entrepreneurs across Scotland, providing students and recent graduates of Scottish HEIs with business support, guidance and funding through early-stage competitions tailored to bring new ideas to market. SIE fostered community through its close-knit entrepreneurs network, and pioneered innovation skills training at a national level through the massively popular SISA programme.

The organisation consistently evolved over its lifespan to best suit the needs of students and educators and its ultimate success could not have happened without the commitment and support of dedicated partners in Scotland’s HEIs. 

We are immensely proud of the impact that SIE has had in supporting and developing Scotland as a world-recognised enterprise environment, and of the countless talented students and graduates who have gone on to flourish as founders, innovators and entrepreneurs with SIE’s backing. 

Our thanks go out to each of our partners, our incredible alumni, and to the Scottish entrepreneurial community as a whole for their years of support.


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Legacy Materials

Below you will find links to SIE materials which have been archived or maintained externally for future use. Please note that we cannot guarantee the maintenance of these resources.

Enterprise Hub for Scottish Universities and Colleges

A range of resources developed by SIE will be maintained in the form of the Enterprise Hub for Scottish Universities and Colleges: a collaborative virtual space hosted and administered by the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group at Robert Gordon University.

Contents include worksheets, presentations and videos, as well as guidance on how to use them provided by Ann Davidson, SIE’s Enterprise Programme Director.

These materials will be open to the entrepreneurial ecosystem across Scotland via Microsoft Teams, and represent a legacy of mutual cooperation and collaboration between Scotland’s HEIs. Those interested in accessing these resources and in continuing to engage with other educators interested in developing innovation and enterprise skills in their students can complete online registration here

Video Archive

Inspirational Innovators Series

Supplementary to the Inspirational Innovators interviews hosted on our YouTube channel (above), 7 guest articles were published by past SIE Entrepreneurs as part of the 2020 Festival of Innovation. These are preserved below, along with audio-only and text transcripts of the video interviews:

Rebecca Pick: An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Video Transcript – Rebecca Pick

Susanne Mitschke: Innovating for a Changing Industry

Video Transcript – Susanne Mitschke

Roy Hotrabhvanon: Follow Your Passion

Video Transcript – Roy Hotrabhvanon

David Townsend: Caring for Yourself and Humanity

Video Transcript – David Townsend

Louis Schena: Simplicity Scales

Video Transcript – Louis Schena

Mike McDonald: Risking everything on a startup
Isatou Njai: Innovating Internationally

Video Transcript – Isatou Njai

Museum of the Future

SIE’s Museum of the Future showcases a series of artifacts of the future that captures the future forecasts of students studying at Scotland’s universities and their insights about a future they want to make happen. Representing a diverse range of disciplines and level of study, these students took part in the Scottish Innovative Student Awards (SISA) 2018-2020 and received the Level 2 award: Innovation Catalyst. Image samples are provided here, and full PDFs can be downloaded below.

> Download Museum of the Future (2018-2019):

A Future World

> Download Museum of the Future (2019-2020):

Sustainable Cities & Communities

> Download Museum of the Future (2020): 

Climate Action

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