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“I’m an Entrepreneur!”

Entrepreneurs come from all walks of life. It doesn't matter which subject you're studying or what your passions are, you have the potential to change the world around you.

At SIE we believe that everyone has the potential to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are people who recognise a problem in the world around them and set out to solve it. It might be through a new product, a service, or a way of addressing a social or environmental issue, but entrepreneurs are people who find ways of making it happen.

We hope you'll be inspired by these stories of real life graduate entrepreneurs who we worked with to help get them started. If you're a student or recent graduate from a Scottish university or college and you'd like to speak to someone about starting your own business, get in touch! We work closely with local enterprise support at Scottish institutions and other support organisations in Scotland to get you all the help you need.

With this section of the SIE website, we want you to see that entrepreneurs are people like you. People with an idea who made it happen with the help and support that exists here in Scotland.

Like Blair, who saw an opportunity and quickly made the headlines. And Amanda, who wouldn't take no for an answer, and proved her revolutionary idea could work.

(All photography and video content is copyright SIE unless otherwise stated. Posters and print case studies are available for careers offices and educators - please contact SIE to arrange).

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