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Case Study

Fergus Moore, Rebecca Richardson and Scott Kennedy

Founders , Revive Eco

Mon, 11 January 2016

Fergus Moore, Rebecca Richardson and Scott Kennedy are graduates from the University of Strathclyde with degrees in Business Enterprise. They are the Founders of Revive Eco; a business reducing coffee shop waste by recycling used coffee grounds into an all-natural plant food.



How Revive Eco got started

The trio first experimented with their idea during a 2nd year entrepreneurship class after being tasked to create a socially viable business concept. All three had experience in cafes so were aware of the serious waste issue in the UK and around the world. The more they looked into it, the more they realised how many opportunities they were for coffee to be used as a natural solution. They then narrowed their focus down to coffee shop waste. The trio had always known that they wanted to start a business of their own so created Revive Eco to progress their idea further. The University of Strathclyde’s Entrepreneurial Network (SEN) provided support and free office space.


“There’s so many benefits to starting your own company… we often thought that if we went into a company we might not have had the same scope to make our own decisions and be truly creative. So that’s absolutely one of the best bits about it.”Fergus Moore, Rebecca Richardson and Scott Kennedy


In April 2014, the team travelled to Texas to represent the University of Strathclyde in the Neeley School of Business Values and Ventures competition. They were selected to receive the Founders Award which included a $2500 prize.


What happened next

The team entered the Young Innovators Challenge 2014 which is run by SIE on behalf of the Scottish Government. They were selected as winners and awarded £2,500 each. The team then attended a number of Young Innovator Challenge workshops designed to help to develop their idea and worked with a dedicated SIE Business Advisor. As their business idea progressed, they received further support from The Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE), The Hunter Centre, Princes Trust and Business Gateway. In their final year of study, they realised that the idea could become a full time business venture and on graduating, they chose to continue to work together on Revive instead of seeking graduate employment


“They’ve all given us so much advice. It’s really helped us to push forward and realise that we could actually do this full time.”Fergus Moore, Rebecca Richardson and Scott Kennedy


The team also received small grant funding from Santander and Strathclyders into Business (SIB); a fund providing essential start-up support to early stage student and alumni businesses.


“Every day is different and that’s what keeps it exciting.”Fergus Moore, Rebecca Richardson and Scott Kennedy


Next steps for Revive Eco

Revive are currently using office space provided for free by Youth Enterprise Zone. A number of independent coffee chains and hotel chains have signed up for Revive’s coffee collection service. There are also lots of interested parties who would like to stock the plant food product. Going forward, they plan to raise more funding to enable them to increase their production capabilities. Their long term goal is to build a strong brand and ensure that they keep the same social mission and objectives that they started with, at the core of what they do.


“You know at the end of the week, whatever you’ve created, you’ve done that from nothing.”Fergus Moore, Rebecca Richardson and Scott Kennedy


The Revive Eco team continue to engage with SIE, receiving business advisory support as well as being part of the SIE Entrepreneurs Group which offers a series of relevant masterclasses, speaker events and networking opportunities for those who are most committed to developing their businesses.


“It doesn’t matter what academic discipline you come from – maths, engineering or business – there’s so much support out there. If you have an idea, don’t sit on it. Go and speak to people, get feedback. There’s really not a better time to go and pursue what you’re passionate about.”Fergus Moore, Rebecca Richardson and Scott Kennedy