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Case Study

Kara Nisbet

Founder, Articulate Language Camps

Fri, 14 November 2014

Kara Nisbet graduated from The University of Strathclyde with a degree in French and Spanish and PGDE in Modern Languages. She is now the Director of Articulate Language Camps, offering a range of language tuition for children and young people to motivate, enthuse and and help them gain confidence with their language skills. Kara is now working on her business full time.



How articulate got started

Kara’s idea first came about during the summer holidays when she worked for summer camps as English teacher in Switzerland and Germany. She loved working with young people and seeing how they engaged with language. Kara discovered that although young people could learn English in a variety of interactive ways, the camps were all mono lingual. Kara started to develop an idea which would bring young people together so they could meet native speakers of the language they were learning, while continuing to provide an exciting approach.


“I wanted to bring young people together so I decided to create my own summer camp.”Kara Nisbet


What happened next

Kara hadn’t thought about entrepreneurship when she began University and planned to become a full time teacher. Business wasn’t covered during the course so she began to build up her business education through the Scottish Entrepreneurial Academy.

Kara completed her teaching probation year in 2014. Kara realised that running the business and working full time as a teacher would be too much so decided to move forward with Articulate Language Camps full time. Kara was awarded a Young Edge Award and was also selected as the third place winner in SIE’s New Ventures Competition.


“I have some external validation and people are saying what I’m doing it really exciting and really great. That’s gives you confidence and definitely made me think yes, I can make this something that I do full time.”Kara Nisbet


Next steps for Articulate Language Camps

Kara has now completed a full summer of international camps and continues to deliver weekly language clubs. She plans to move forward into the education world by offering language services to schools in the UK.


“I absolutely love what I do. If you have something you’re really passionate about and something that you really believe in, there’s nothing that’ll stop you.”Kara Nisbet


If you want to find out more about Articulate Language Camps, visit the website;