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Case Study

Lorenzo Conti

Founder, Crover

Fri, 31 May 2019

Where did the idea come from?

Lorenzo Conti was studying the physics of granular matter as part of his PhD in Engineering at the University of Edinburgh, when he realised that his research could be invaluable to reduce waste from bulk grain storage. He came up with Crover – an innovative robotic device that could move around inside grain silos and monitor conditions, dramatically improving the ability to intervene before pest damage or other contamination takes place.



The next steps…

Lorenzo took full advantage of the wide network of entrepreneurial support organisations in Scotland, quickly turning to Launch.ed and SIE for guidance in bringing his concept to market. Crover won the November 2017 round of the Fresh Ideas Competition, and quickly went on to win first prize for Launch.ed Business Ideas and emerge as an overall winner of Fresh Ideas for 2018.

With the experience and insight gained from these contests Crover took part in the Startup Summer accelerator, and continued to rack up prestigious wins.



Where are they in 2019?

Crover have won over 10 awards & recognitions for their innovative food waste technology, and continue to go from strength to strength as they further develop and test their product.

In March, Lorenzo was awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship – a prestigious opportunity that includes up to £60,000 equity-free funding, personalised mentoring and marketing support among many other benefits.