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Case Study

Michael McPhillimy

Founder, Clyde Built Putters

Fri, 31 May 2019

Where did the idea come from?

Michael McPhillimy grew up with a passion for golf and was inspired by his mother, father and brothers to use his creative energy to make this hobby into his livelihood. In the process of designing his own golf clubs he recognised a gap in the Scottish market. Scotland is famed for its rich collection of golf courses, however, is falling behind other countries when it comes to the manufacturing of golf clubs. This is how Clyde Built Putters came to be.

After graduating from the University of Strathclyde with a MEng in Product Design Engineering, Michael devoted his time to growing his golf club business. He began by designing a range of golf putters and chose the name ‘Clyde Built Putters’, inspired by the history of Glasgow’s engineering past.

The next steps…

In order to produce the putters, Michael developed a plan whereby he creates the designs, sending them on to Scottish manufacturers who are able to machine limited runs of his putters. However, the majority of the work is completed in-house as Michael hand finishes them to ensure they are of the highest standard. Michael entered his business concept into SIE’s Fresh Ideas Competition, where he was named a 2018 winner and secured £1,000 of start-up funding to make his business plan a reality. Within a year, Clyde Built Putters had gained media attention, with features in Bunkered and Ayrshire Magazine.


Where are they in 2019?

Clyde Built Putters continues to expand their product range with a new line of putters, whisky themed ball markers, pitch repair tools and premium leader headcovers.