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Case Study

Rosalind Romer

Producer & Owner, Punchline Comedy

Fri, 14 November 2014

Rosalind Romer is a graduate from the University of Edinburgh with a degree in Counselling Studies. She is now Comedy Producer and Owner of Punchline – a new generation of shows which brings the best comedians together to create amazing nights of entertainment.



How Punchline Comedy got started

When Rosalind started her degree in counselling at the University of Edinburgh, she hadn’t really considered entrepreneurship but she had always loved comedy. Rosalind previously worked with agencies and touring companies to build up the skills required to work in comedy including spending time as a judge on the Perrier Panel.

Rosalind explored various extra-curricular courses provided by the university including a ‘starting out’ workshop. When she took part in the workshop, the original idea for Punchline idea was starting to form in her mind and so it grew steadily from there.


“One day I just decided I wanted to do it myself so I put on a show and after the first show everyone was saying ’When’s the second show?’ and that’s was the point I realised that this was a proper business that I could continue on with.”Rosalind Romer


What happened next

Rosalind was introduced to Launch.ed; University of Edinburgh’s service for student entrepreneurs. They provided her with support to get the idea off the ground and introduced her to SIE. Rosalind went on to win the New Ventures Competition for Arts and Culture in 2013.


“It’s very important to have a support system in place so you have people to bounce ideas off.”Rosalind Romer


Rosalind went on to produce many Punchline shows in Edinburgh and Perth securing well-known comedians such as Nick Helm, Roisin Conaty, Seann Walsh, and Josh Widdicombe. During the lead up to a show, Rosalind has a team in place but during the rest of the year she takes on the various aspects of the business single-handedly.


“You have to do everything. You have to make all the big decisions at the top and you have to do all the filing and everything in between. So every day is completely different.”Rosalind Romer


Next steps for Punchline Comedy

Rosalind is planning to expand the business by moving out of Edinburgh and producing a tour in Scotland. She is also working towards making Punchline a full time venture.


“Just go for it. You can plan and plan but until you take that first step, you don’t know if it’s going to work. When you’re at university you’ve got so much support, go and ask for help. People are amazing, there’s so many resources so just go for it!”Rosalind Romer


If you want to find out more about Punchline, visit the website;