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Case Study

Tom Walkinshaw

Founder, Alba Orbital

Wed, 25 May 2016

BITE-SIZED BLOG: Tom Walkinshaw of Alba Orbital talks about his business and what it means to have SIE’s continued support.

“The goal of Alba Orbital is to be a world leader in commercially sustainable Sub-Cubesat class satellites. The sustainability part being important as we want to build lots of Satellites! Alba Orbital Ltd are a Space Burial company who offer people the opportunity to get their ashes launched into Space.

There are 420,000 cremations per year in the UK and over 75% of all people choose this option, which naturally means they have a dilemma over what to do with the ashes. We will launch a portion (how big depending on weight and service paid for) to Sub-Orbital Space or Orbit, with other destinations being looked into. We are the first company in Europe to offer this service and only second in the world. We are currently looking into pre-planing options and hope to announce a partnership with a big University in the near future and our first Satellite is currently being prototyped.

We have been fortunate enough to receive lots of help and support from SIE, from Liz MacKenzie as an advisor, through to SIE Bootcamp and even their CEO Fiona Goodsman. Without their input today I am not sure Alba Orbital would exist, we owe a lot to their continued support!”

2016 Update

Find out how Tom is getting on now here.