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Case Study

Tracy Thomson

Managing Director, Tig Tag Events

Wed, 20 November 2013

Tracy Thomson graduated from The University of the West of Scotland with a BSc in Information Technology. Tracy knew when she started her course that she wanted to start a business and began working on her first product with one year left of her studies. Tracy is now the Managing Director of Tig Tag Events which has successfully launched Tagie; a range of products which allow users to carry emergency contact information and medical information.


How Tagie got started

Tracy got inspiration for Tagie from her young family members with serious allergies and medical conditions. She wanted to come up with a product that could be carried with them to ensure important information was available at all times but also protected the children by only disclosing sensitive information to appropriate people.

The Tagie team began to research, brainstorm and develop several prototypes until they found something that met the criteria she had set. The team then attended the Allergy Show in London to do some serious market testing.


“We found that the product we thought would work was really appealing to the public so much so that several people wanted to place pre orders for a product that didn’t yet exist. We knew we were onto something then.”Tracy Thomson


What happened next?

Tagie is now one year on from the original idea.


“We’ve learned a lot this year. It’s been a really important year for us developmentally.”Tracy Thomson
Tagie originally began life as a simple wristband with a QR code for children. The code could be scanned in an emergency situation where the child was lost or unwell and gives access to detailed information on that wearer’s condition. The Tagie range has now been adapted and developed to create a phone cover, wristband, keyfob, wallet card and a collar tag for cats and dogs.
Tagie has received a lot of support and guidance from Business Gateway, SIE and Scottish Enterprise. They were also selected as an Entrepreneurial Spark Chiclet company and have won funding and prize money from a variety of competitions.




Trying to balance a new start up company, my existing company, studying as well as being a mother of three children has been tough. Any entrepreneurial journey is not easy. You do have to put the hours in to reap the rewards at the end of it.Tracy Thomson


Next steps for Tagie

Tracy and her team are hoping to secure further investment with upcoming pitches for funding so that they can continue to grow the company. She plans to work on the website in order to provide the best service they can for users.

Tracy is an excellent example of a successful, serial entrepreneur and is a strong advocate of others taking the next steps with their idea.


“The best part of being an entrepreneur is having the ability to explore your ideas and seeing if they have legs. I think the ability to be able to go and test something without having a fear of being caged into a job really lets you explore your real potential.”Tracy Thomson