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The Home of 2023

sie_admin November 27, 2017

Developments in technology are rapidly changing how we live our lives at every level. The BBC looked at a potential home of the future, with giant screens, connected technology and … Continued

Reducing Food Waste

Scott McKellar September 1, 2017

A reliance on food expiry dates see UK households disposing of 4.4m tonnes of food that would actually be safe to eat every year. How can this be tackled without … Continued

Increasing Energy Efficiency

Scott McKellar September 1, 2017

It’s estimated that UK households waste nearly £1bn by leaving appliances on standby, needlessly increasing bills and impacting family budgets. One young entrepreneur found a solution. Yasser Khattak’s ‘Den’ automation … Continued

Scotland in the future

Scott McKellar August 30, 2017

What will life be like in the Scotland of the future? At TEDxGlasgow 2017, Gillian Doherty (CEO of The Data Lab) talked about how technological innovation will have revolutionised every … Continued