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The Future of Learning

The Future of Learning

Please note that this competition is now closed

Competition Details

SIE Competition —
July 6, 2020 - August 31, 2020

The brief:

🎥 Create a short video (MP4, 2-3 minutes) that describes your vision of the future of learning.

We want you to create a video that illustrates a ‘day in the life of a learner’ in 5 years time.You should use your imagination and it could be a really positive vision, a bit of a nightmare, or something in between.

You should consider:

  • who they are (describe any individual, who could represent a group)
  • where they are learning (home, campus, somewhere else)
  • how they are learning (full time, part time, bite-sized, on-line, in classes, in groups, individually….)
  • when they are learning (day, evening, term-time, any time…)
  • what they are learning (subjects, employability skills, technical skills…)

This list is not comprehensive and your learner may be doing a mix of different things. We don’t need you to share everything that they do in a day; it should focus on the learning activities, but it should also recognise how learning fits into some of the other things that might be happening in their lives.

💻 Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo.

📝Complete the short online entry form – OPENING FOR ENTRIES ON 6th JULY.