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Curriculum Development

With 5 years of experience of designing programmes across disciplines and levels, we can support you to embed enterprise and entrepreneurship into the curriculum, so students build their skills and motivations over time.

SIE’s blend of commercial experience and knowledge of academic requirements can make enterprise relevant and real – we aim to inspire students through our blend of experiential education, competitions and partnership events.


What we offer:
We will understand your desired outcomes and help you design a programme that fits your needs, whether for a specific course or for a whole School.

We do this by:
We draw from our structured education programme and our tools and materials and integrate this into course modules and assessments, taking different learning styles and levels into account.

For example, we can introduce idea generation at an early stage and then develop that into prototyping and business models as a course progresses.

We can also facilitate learning with groups or lecturers who have an interest in working with our concepts and materials, to allow reflection agreement on how they best fit into the curriculum.