Scottish Entrepreneurship Research Seminar 2019 (SERS)

Scottish Entrepreneurship Research Seminar 2019 (SERS)

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May 8, 2019
(2 day event)

The Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship will host a two day gathering of the Scottish entrepreneurship research community from 8th May – 9th May 2019.

This year’s Scottish Entrepreneurship Research Seminar (SERS) will take place on May 8 and is planned to include: Robert Chia (University of Glasgow); Karen Verduijn (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam); Seonaidh McDonald (Robert Gordon University); Niall Mackenzie (University of Glasgow) and the Hunter Centre’s very own Nigel Lockett, Abdullah Gok, Matt Hannon and Marisa Smith. The event will cover a wide range of perspectives on entrepreneurship and provide plenty of time for discussion. It will be followed by a networking event to offer participants the opportunity to meet one another.

A doctoral day will follow on May 9. Whilst this is open to everyone to attend, PhD students from across Scotland are welcome to register. The day is designed to offer PhDs involved in entrepreneurship research guidance about how to complete to deliver a high quality PhD within a manageable timeframe. Guest speakers include Karen Verduijn (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Stephen Knox (Scottish Government) and Seonaidh McDonald (Robert Gordon University), as well as the Hunter Centre’s Matt Hannon, Bernd Wurth and Abdullah Gok. Participants will learn amongst other things: (1) PhD life-hacks; (2) improving the chances of getting papers accepted in journals; (3) how to avoid writer’s block and (4) gaps in the entrepreneurial research landscape that need filling. There will also be the chance to see presentations from some of the Hunter Centre’s PhD community and a chance to network.


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Strathlcyde Business School, 199 Cathedral Street, Cathedral Wing, CW602