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From July—September 2020, SIE are hosting a Summer celebration of ideas, vision & creativity.

Our packed schedule of live EVENTS will be headlined by a dynamic lineup of inspirational innovators and entrepreneurs.

You’re not just an audience but part of the action, with online CHALLENGES offering the chance to skill up, take on Level 1 of the Scottish Innovative Student Awards and supercharge your CV over the Summer.

All the while we’ll be paying tribute to some of the most exciting stars on the Scottish enterprise scene through our SHOWCASE of interviews, articles and awards.

It’s the biggest online event of the Summer, and you’re invited!

How can YOU get INVOLVED?

We want to celebrate and support the whole tertiary education sector during this challenging time. 

If you’re a university or college educator (especially if you’re involved in enterprise, careers or student support activities) and would be interested having your own events recognised as part of the Festival, or in contributing new activities, we’d welcome your input!

We’re also keen to support any student associations and societies who wish to use the Festival as a channel to maintain contact with students over the summer.  

For more information on partnering with us to produce talks, events or other activities, or to request a resource pack and social media support, just get in touch!