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Our packed Summer programme is centred on the Showcase and celebration of Scotland’s innovating students and educators.

We’ll be celebrating the work of some of our top alumni and educational partners over the past ten years through live keynotes, interviews, articles, panel discussions and awards.

As part of our busy calendar of events, SIE is also hosting the Inspirational Innovator Awards and the Imaginative Educator Award.

These new awards both recognise the exceptional entrepreneurs among the SIE cohort and mark our moment in history by honouring educators for their achievements in reimagining learning delivery in the wake of Covid-19.

Inspirational Innovator Awards

Susanne Mitschke is the perfect example of an entrepreneur with an innovative, flexible mindset.

Read how she has adapted her business over time to meet client needs and engage with the ever-changing landscape of a vital industry.
Roy’s journey with Playerdata sprang from a personal passion and determination to see his ideas through.

His dedication, determination and hard work should be an inspiration to everyone!
Rossie’s comics bring together a learning solution kids need with a product they adore!

His empathy, creativity, and strong sense of mission make him an ideal educational innovator.

Rebecca Pick’s story is one of our favourites – her bright idea grew from a simple innovation to make the world a safer place into a globe-spanning security company.

Rebecca’s strong values and powerful innovating mindset have made her one of the UK’s most influential entrepreneurs.
David recognised the incredible potential of geothermal power during his studies, and took the leap into enterprise to capture that energy.

In that process he’s learned a lot about tapping into his own potential, and he shares wise words for others setting out to do the same.
Mike is a natural entrepreneur, always ready to roll up his sleeves and take on a challenge.

He and his partner Selby prove that guts and determination pay off!
Louis Schena understands that innovating for the future doesn’t mean abandoning traditional commerce.

We love his approach to modernising, simplifying and improving the consumer experience for local businesses!
Isatou has a fantastic talent for building partnerships and seizing opportunities, from the local level to an international stage.

More than that, she recognises the importance of great branding and powerful storytelling to bring her enterprise to life.

Inspirational Innovator Articles: