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Future Thinkers Gather for SISA Level 2


SIE took over thestudio… in Glasgow’s city centre on Saturday, in partnership with CENSIS, The Data Lab, and the Digital Health and Care Institute to deliver our SISA Level 2 programme to a packed hall of over 100 young innovators. The theme of the day was Innovation Catalysts, and explored methods of thinking, research, and design for identifying and addressing current and future innovation challenges. There was only one rule: no sitting with students from their own institution!



By working in mixed groups, students were empowered to draw on the specialist knowledge of those around them – making connections across degree subjects, regional backgrounds and ranges of personal expertise, and building valuable communication and networking skills. Facilitators were on hand to guide and assist in group discussions, and talks and activities were delivered throughout the day to develop multi-faceted approaches to future design and innovative problem solving.



Using everything learned on their Level 1 courses and over the afternoon studying at Level 2, the student groups ultimately collaborated to identify emerging issues based on real world examples. Together, they developed and designed original product concepts that would address specific needs in population sectors highlighted by the participating Innovation Centres – but the final challenge was yet to come.



To showcase their enhanced communication skills and their now expert understanding of designing and delivering creative solutions, each team gave a final pitch to a judging panel (and their peers!) This was a real highlight of the day, and clearly demonstrated the talent and enthusiasm of every participant.



At last, each participant received their well-earned Level 2 SISA certificate – a merit they can now take forward through their academic and professional careers as they continue to innovate towards the needs of the future. Congratulations to all!



Details on SISA Level 3 will be forthcoming later in the year.

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