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Future of Learning Innovation Challenge

  • 5x £200 prizes
  • Enter on your own or as a team
  • Join our Social Learning Group for support, resources and to connect with others taking on the challenge!

The brief:

🎥 Create a short video (MP4, 2-3 minutes) that describes your vision of the future of learning.

We want you to create a video that illustrates a ‘day in the life of a learner’ in 5 years time.You should use your imagination and it could be a really positive vision, a bit of a nightmare, or something in between.

More than just a competition, this is an opportunity for you to have your voice heard and potentially influence colleges, universities and government policy.

You should consider:

  • who they are (describe any individual, who could represent a group)
  • where they are learning (home, campus, somewhere else)
  • how they are learning (full time, part time, bite-sized, on-line, in classes, in groups, individually….)
  • when they are learning (day, evening, term-time, any time…)
  • what they are learning (subjects, employability skills, technical skills…)

This list is not comprehensive and your learner may be doing a mix of different things. We don’t need you to share everything that they do in a day; it should focus on the learning activities, but it should also recognise how learning fits into some of the other things that might be happening in their lives.

💻 Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo.

📝Complete the short online entry form HERE


Need additional support?
Join our live webinars to find to learn how to explore and validate your ideas and bring them to life for your video! Register for the workshops below:

BRING YOUR IDEA TO LIFE FOR YOUR VIDEO – 12th August, 12.30-1.30pm