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How Scotland can thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Students tackle the skills of the future at SISA workshop

We’re very happy to have contributed to the new SCDI report ‘Upskilling Scotland – The Future of Skills and the 4th Industrial Revolution’ which was released this week.

 As technologies continue to disrupt our society and economy, work is changing and our graduates must be future ready. Developing meta-skills such as self-management, social intelligence and innovation within learning is recognised in the report as imperative and a key element in helping students thrive in the new graduate environment.

 SIE’s Scottish Innovative Student Award Programme (SISA) is directly addressing this challenge. SISA is helping educators embed these meta-skills in over 65 accredited courses in Universities and Colleges across Scotland, with over 1500 students having participated in the programme so far.

Commenting on the report, Fiona Godsman, CEO of SIE, said:

“Scotland’s students have tremendous potential and the development of these skills will help them flex and adjust as needed to thrive in the changing world. The report’s recommendations validate our work with SISA in the last two years helping educators embed this critical learning in their courses, and we’ll continue to build on this success.”

For more information on the SISA programme:

To download the SCDI report in full, go to:

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