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Education Programme

In our Education Programme we focus on developing enterprising mindsets to bridge the well-known confidence gap that can prevent people from taking their ideas forward. We aim to ignite a creative spark in students and to provide a structured pathway to help them realise their ideas.

We do this by exposing students to the innovation process; from the early stages of finding opportunities and generating ideas, through to testing and launching those ideas.


The programme has three stages and covers core concepts and processes at each stage, around which workshops can be tailored to suit the discipline, student level and learning outcomes for a particular module or course.

Why do I need or want to be able to come up with new ideas?

  • Concepts: scanning the environment, calibrating to the future.

What do I want these ideas to be? What impact do I want them to have?

  • Concepts: Idea generation with a variety of methologies including design thinking, disruptive thinking, future foresight.

How do I pursue these ideas towards implementation?

  • Concepts: prototyping, customer mapping, team and network building, future proofing your innovation, funding and business models.

As the students begin their individual journey of moving through the ‘how’ they receive additional support from our business advisors, who work intensively with them as they take their ideas to market.


We deliver the programme:

  • Within the curriculum, across all disciplines and levels, from scientists and engineers through to arts and media.
  • As on-campus extra-curricular activity, for example through Careers Services and Enterprise Offices.
  • As part of our own competition process, designed to empower students to progress their ideas.
  • Through partnerships and events that inspire impact.
  • Through 1-1 intensive support with our senior business advisors, all of whom have industry and small business experience.
  • Download a PDF summary of the programme.