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Inspiring Impact

The pace of demographic, environmental, technological and economic change is contributing to new and challenging societal issues: ‘wicked problems’ which have several contributory factors, involve many stakeholders and cannot be easily solved. It is recognised that we need more social innovation to address the gap between the scale of the problems we face and the solutions available, and the World Economic Forum’s research highlights the need for skills such as complex problem-solving, creativity, collaboration and social and cultural awareness.

As educators, this resource aims to help you:

  • Set real sector challenges within your curriculum
  • Inspire students looking for ideas for projects and dissertations
  • Contribute towards relevant university outcome agreements
  • Make an impact within your local community

To do this, we offer:

  • Ideas and inspiration for projects, dissertations and new ventures. You can use these clips within your lectures as a way to set challenges for students.
  • Partnerships which offer innovative educational experiences within key Scottish sectors such as healthcare and criminal justice. We have places for students at professional events which can help them generate ideas and make professional connections.
  • Competitions for early stage social innovation ideas.

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