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Inspiring Impact

Many of us want our work to have purpose and to feel we are having an impact. Amongst ‘millennials’, Deloitte’s survey shows more than 50% say they would take a pay cut to find work that matches their values, while 90% want to use their skills for good.

There is a lot of opportunity for social and environmental innovation, for the pace of demographic, environmental, technological and economic change creates ‘wicked problems’: issues that have several contributory factors, involve many stakeholders and cannot be easily solved.

This resource aims to:

  • Inspire you with ways to have this impact and benefit society
  • Give you ideas for projects and dissertations
  • Connect you with students and professionals in other fields, to help you see different perspectives
  • Improve your employment prospects by building problem-solving, creativity and collaboration skills, recognised as key for the future.
  • Encourage you to enter competitions that offer funding to get your ideas off the ground

To do this, we offer:

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