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SISA Level 1 Application

Students who have attended an approved SISA Level 1 workshop should apply to receive formal recognition of completing Level 1 of SISA. The link below will take you to a short form which will ask you to confirm details about the workshop and what you have learned.

The SISA Level 1 application form can be accessed here.

Help with Completing Your Application

You will be asked to provide a short response to the following reflective question that relates to your course, module or workshop:

‘What new thing did you learn, how does it relate to the future and therefore how does it relate to your future?’ (Max 100 words)

Please note that there are three parts to this question and each part must be answered. SIE suggests that to help your reflection and your subsequent answers, you break this question down into its three distinct parts to help you structure your answers:

To help you answer each part, SIE has provided some prompts by way of mini questions. Please note that you do not have to answer all of these. Simply select a couple of mini questions for each part that are applicable to you. You may find that SIE’s prompts get you reflecting in other ways and you can provide other examples. This is good, but please make sure you capture your thoughts in a sentence or two on the form.

First Part of the Question: What new thing have you learned? (From your course, module or workshop prior to applying for your certificate).

Have you been asked to come up with a new idea for a project? Did you have to solve a problem and work in teams to find a solution? Did you have to do some research into what is happening in different industry sectors and/or or understand what a customer might be experiencing when engaging with a product or service.
Did you learn a new competency? For example, communication or team working competencies and/or how to work with new technologies.
Were aspects of your module delivered online due to the Covid-19 disruption? This factor may have enabled you to develop these competencies for use in virtual teams as well as in face-to-face situations. This extra dimension is a very valid part of your personal development.

Second Part of the Question: How does this ‘new thing’ relate to the future?

Why would a future employer value these competencies? Do you think that some of these competencies are becoming more important, given the pace of change we are seeing across your industry sector, and possibly society as a whole? If so, then provide a sentence as to why you think an employer would want you to have these competencies?
Or provide some information on how these changes might have an impact on companies and customers in the future with regards to their future needs and the innovations they will want to use?

Third Part of the Question: How does this ‘new thing’ relate to my future?

How will these new competencies help you stand out in the job market? Have they helped you think about different work opportunities? Or, if you are thinking about setting up your own business, have they helped you think about what you might do and why? Please note that it is not acceptable to confine your answer to ‘this will look good on my CV’. You need to reflect why it looks good on your CV and think back to how you answered the first and second parts of the Level 1 question.

If you have a few years of study to go at university, you may want to reflect on and document that acquiring these competencies through your accredited course, module, programme or workshop has made you think about future projects that you may decide to pursue as part of your future studies or any skills you want to develop or enhance before graduation.

Word Count
You can complete the question up to a maximum of 100 words. If your word count is significantly less, take the time to consider if you have answered the question fully.

Next Steps

If your application is successful you will receive your certificate within 2 weeks. Please note that SIE will be in touch regardless of the the outcome of the application.

Once you have your Level 1: Future Thinker certificate you will receive details on how to apply for SISA Level 2: Innovation Catalyst.

Thank you for taking the time to read the Level 1 guidance. The SIE team hopes that you go onto applying for your Level 1: Future Thinker certificate and they meet/e-meet you at one of the national Level 2 workshops.

Good luck!