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Does anyone have any tips or advice for funding a student start-up?

This is the third follow up to our post “Student Start-Up Advice (via Twitter!)”
Question 3: Does anyone have any tips or advice for funding a student start-up?
There were plenty of ideas here, demonstrating that lack of cash does not stop a true entrepreneur! There are plenty of free business tools for start-ups, and many people are willing to help out in practical ways. Sharing resources with others can reduce costs, and business competitions are a great way of winning some cash.  
  • it’s tech I’m into so in my case use your skills and id suggest freelancing but be careful to balance it
  • #crowdfunding – that’s right up our street. (from @bloomvc)
  • Network, network and then network more. It will soon lead you to the proper people to speak to regarding your business.
  • Don’t be too quick to ask for money for your company. Its amazing how little you can get by on if you are creative and can bootstrap
  • Tips for bootstrappers? < find a biz at a similar stage and pool resources, buy in bulk together, share contacts
  • Enter pitching competitions such as @shelllivewireuk . You can do a lot with the prize money!
  • Consider matchfunded initiatives, such as those from @PSYBT_GLASGOW
  • Co-Working can be invaluable for StartUps don’t work in isolation (Also great for learning from each other’s mistakes and bouncing ideas around)
  • Funding easier from friends/family than banks, but harder to let them down if things don’t work out. Great incentive for success!
  • I’ve been getting into free web apps; some great ones that help cut costs. Everything from accounting software to design programmes (listed a few on @RookieOvencouple of weeks ago – )
  • Find out what support you can harness for free. many unis have incubator space.
  • to keep costs low have a ‘virtual’ office from somewhere like @enterprise_bc a business address without the hassle!
  • Be sure to plan your business first, then look for free/cheap resources to fit your plan. Not the other way around
  • I’ve been using and they’ve been really helpful

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