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Funding tips for gamers

Small companies involved in developing games or other forms of interactive digital content can apply to the Abertay Prototype Fund for up to £25k of support.  Brian McNicoll, founder of BAFTA winning Dynamo games, was the ‘guinea pig’ applicant at a recent workshop which was packed full of good tips.

There were many similarities with pitching for any type of funding and just as we at SIE would advise against empty statements like, ‘we will be the next best thing to sliced bread’ so the gamers were cautioned against stating, ‘we are certain we will be the next angry birds’.

Content is king and you need to back this up with good old solid market research.  If your ideal customer is already playing similar games why would they choose you – what makes you special?  And then start to quantify this market bearing in mind that a 2% conversion rate is realistic!

Then there is the business model – freemium, paid for, facility to buy tokens……and what will provide you with a sustainable future.  Interestingly games which allow multi-player tend to be more lucrative if add-ons are offered.  Those playing with others are more likely to be enticed into spending more on a bigger sword or a pirate’s hat.  So it would seem that status and persona are just as important in the virtual world!

Finally even pre-starts are encouraged to have professional email addresses, well scripted linked-in profiles and to pull in support from anyone in the business community who can strengthen their case.