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Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015!

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014 takes place from the 17th – 23rd of November. Here at SIE, we’ll be celebrating how enterprising Scotland’s students are! Our CEO, Fiona Godsman, explains what exactly an entrepreneur is and how YOU can get started with your idea.

Today is the start of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) and as usual the calendars of everyone involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Scotland are looking pretty busy. SIE is no exception, our student interns are planning lots of events on campuses across Scotland, and we are also supporting a number of other events from start-up weekends to a start-up summit.

But what is entrepreneurship and why are we making such a fuss about it? Ask someone to name an entrepreneur and they will probably give you the name of a famous and wealthy businessman like Richard Branson, or maybe they will think of someone like Del-Boy, the fictional market trader famed for his ‘get rich quick’ schemes. The reality is much more nuanced, however.

Entrepreneurs are passionate people, who are motivated in many different ways. Some want to change the whole world; others just want to change a little bit of it. They might be trying to change something that matters to them, to correct a social injustice or maybe just something that frustrates them. They might want to help their friends and family. They may have identified a great opportunity that has the potential to make them a lot of money. They might just want to do things their way, without having a boss tell them what to do.

Entrepreneurs are creative, resilient, driven, good at solving problems, good communicators, emotionally intelligent, ethical. All want to be in control of their own careers, their lives, and their destinies.

As a student, you are probably still learning about yourself and what you want to do with your life. You may have a career in mind and expect to start with a great graduate job, or you may still be unsure about what you will do when you graduate. Whatever route you take, the skills that make a successful entrepreneur will also make you a valued employee. So take the opportunity that GEW offers you to experience the many facets of entrepreneurship, throw yourself wholeheartedly into everything and learn as much as you can.

We are sure that you will have a great GEW, but when the buzz of GEW is over, where do you go next? If you are a student based in Scotland, the answer is easy – speak to any of the Scottish Institute for Enterprise team. At SIE, every week is Entrepreneurship Week, so we know what we are doing. We will listen to your idea, even if you can’t explain it well at the moment, and we can help you turn it into a really exciting business opportunity. Talk to us soon!

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