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Life of an SIE Intern

Over the next few months, we’ll be helping you to get to know our SIE interns a little better via our Facebook page. Keep an eye out for their smiling faces brightening up our posts each Tuesday and Thursday! To introduce the series, we’re reposting an article from two our intern alumni which first featured in Ignite Magazine in September 2014.


It’s that time of year again when campus life resumes across the country. Amongst the various shades of autumn, you will soon see a familiar flash of orange; the SIE interns have returned! Our intern programme will be coming to life again this September promoting SIE and Entrepreneurship and enterprise events and education to Scotland’s students.

So whether you are simply curious, think you might have a good idea or simply want to get involved with some extracurricular activities on campus that could help you look at the world in a different way, keep an eye out for the intern on your campus! They’re easy to spot in their orange t-shirts and   can help you to improve your employability and career prospects as well as keeping you up to date on enterprise events, workshops and great competitions throughout the academic year.

Read what it’s like to be an SIE intern below.

Selina May Miller was the SIE intern for two years at Edinburgh Napier University before graduating in June 2014.

When I was asked to write about my life as an Intern with SIE, I didn’t know where to start! Life as an SIE intern is challenging, exciting and inspiring all at the same time. I had the best two years working with SIE and I wouldn’t have changed a thing about my internship experience.

I’d always been interested in entrepreneurship and starting my own business and had already taken the first steps to starting my first business before becoming an intern with SIE. There were of course many challenges I faced within my role as an intern. However I have learned that with the right people around you and the right support, there is no challenge too big to overcome. I had an incredible team to support me at Napier including the Edinburgh Napier Moffat Centre. The team help a huge variety of students start their own businesses, and it was through this work that I really became interested in entrepreneurship.

Whilst I was an intern, my confidence really grew through my interaction with students and lecturers alike. It was hugely inspirational to see the amount of students who genuinely wanted to ‘take a risk’ and start their own business and I loved seeing their confidence grow through the various SIE competitions.

In my final year as an intern, I was in total admiration of the creativity and the dedication some students had for their business ideas. It was such a pleasure to work with SIE as an intern, and one day, it may be my turn to ‘take a risk’ and see where it takes me.

Tadas Labudis was the SIE Glasgow informatics intern for two years before graduating from University of Glasgow in 2014.

I have been the SIE informatics intern for 2 years and can honestly say that this internship has fundamentally transformed my professional career and the university experience.

This role allowed me to become a significant part of the local technology community through running regular events featuring inspiring local technology entrepreneurs. Through this experience I have forged many important relationships with people who I might be working or partnering with in the future.

Also, this internship was extremely rewarding in that I got a chance to do meaningful work that actually helped students. Being the face of SIE on campus allowed me to inspire students to give entrepreneurship a try and refer them to experts and organisations for further business support.

It was not easy and I certainly had to overcome various challenges, but I came out the other end with a host of new skills, knowledge and contacts.