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Master Askers!

What resources do you need to get your promising business idea off the ground?
Well, according to Consol Efomi of Make That Move, all you need is yourself and the clothes you stand up in. Consol was responding to a question put to him at our recent SIE Regional Enterprise Day at Ayr, where he gave an inspirational talk on how his entrepreneurial journey started and his vision for the future of his company.

Consol started his business with nothing at his disposal except his determination and his skills as a Hip Hop dancer. He decided to run a dance class,  but he didn’t have the money to buy the sound system that he needed for the class. So he asked. And someone loaned him the system.  He needed a website to promote the classes; so he asked and someone helped him. He became, in his words ‘A Master Asker‘, and his dance class business grew. Now, with SIE’s assistance, Consol is about to embark on the next stage of his entrepreneurial career, as he prepares to launch an on-line resource for choreographers around the world.

Like many new entrepreneurs, Consol has discovered that if you have passion and determination, people will help you to achieve your goals. Of course, we all know that it’s not quite that simple, but if you truly want to turn your idea into a business reality, help is out there. You only need to ask.

There seems to be endless debate about how entrepreneurship can be defined, and many of the definitions are highly complicated. One of the simplest, most accepted definitions comes from Harvard’s Howard Stevenson who states that “Entrepreneurship is the process by which individuals pursue opportunities without regard to the resources they currently control.” It’s a short definition that alludes to the fact that entrepreneurs don’t have to have everything in place before they take that first step.

I think that Consul puts it even more succinctly and accurately, however, with his definition of Entrepreneurs as “Master Askers”!

NEW: Check out our video of Consol speaking at SIE’s regional enterprise day in Ayr in November!

4 responses to “Master Askers!

  1. Strange- I was just thinking about this today. Every successful person I have met and every success I have achieved has been because I allow others to help me. Most people feel like they don’t want to bother other people or asking help can be an admission of failure. Whereas, to me, asking help or advice is a way of allowing you to look at things from a new way and tap into resources(like information, ideas etc) you don’t have access to as your blog suggests.