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Meet the Entrepreneur – Interview with Alberto Negro, 5 STYLE

Continuing with our Meet the Entrepreneur series, this week we have an interview with Alberto Negro, founder of 5 STYLE.  5 STYLE is an award winning design-led magazine — The destination for minimal luxury.  The magazine was founded in late 2014 covering minimalism in fashion, design and travel.

Alberto is a student at DJCAD, and started his entrepreneurial journey with SIE.  Our intern, Manasse Lisungi  caught up with him to find out more:




How did you come up with the idea of 5 STYLE? What was the thinking behind the name?

The name 5 STYLE represents the best lifestyle one can have. Five is used to express the highest level of quality as well as luxury-excellence. For example five-stars are given to the most luxurious hotels, the best holidays, product rating, etc. I came up with the idea of 5 STYLE as I am a big lover of minimalism and as a product design student, I am very passionate about design and fashion. I wanted to bring design, fashion and travel together but also highlight these three categories from a minimalist and luxurious point of view. In short, 5 STYLE isn’t just about minimalism, but minimalism in luxury.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of running your own business?

The most rewarding aspect of running 5 STYLE is being able to manage my own time and make decisions about my business whenever I want. However, the flexibility does bring a lot of challenges; there’s no option but to work hard — this allows you to take that extra step forward. At the same time when I travel I get to meet inspiring people, feature their products on my site and write about our experiences — this is fun, too!




Is there anything you wish you knew about running a business before you started 5 STYLE?

I started 5 STYLE as a product designer; I had no prior knowledge of how to run a business.  If I had studied business, I would have had more of an idea of what a business plan looked like or how financial planning worked. One of my biggest mistakes was initially running 5 STYLE without a business plan — I didn’t have a pricing strategy and it was difficult to understand what I was actually aiming to achieve. Then I joined SIE and I finally had the chance to write a first draft of my plan. Also, entering the New Ventures competition motivated me to join other programmes later on in the year such as the Converge challenge and the University World Cup Start Up in Copenhagen.

What business advice can you give to other young entrepreneurs?

Join courses and competitions that teach you how to start your own venture, likewise look for an experienced mentor that can give you valuable advice on how to run or start a business as you can’t learn everything yourself!



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