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Once someone has an idea, what should their first steps be?

This is the second follow up to our post “Student Start-Up Advice (via Twitter!)”

Question 2: Once someone has an idea, what should their first steps be?

Some great advice here! Start by writing it down, but don’t worry about producing a fully detailed business plan at this stage. Then test your idea on as many people as possible, don’t rely on family and friends who may not want to give you a less than encouraging response. Research, network, plan, research, test it out…

  • i think that they should write it down before they do anything else
  • absolutely, the start of a business plan is the best way to go. Doesn’t have to be the polished version
  • test, test and more tests. Market, honest opinions from friends, financial. That’s when the hard work really begins!
  • Twitter, LinkedIn, all tools to use – Co-Working. Keep your eyes out for events like this etc! Don’t be afraid to say hi!
  • Test it out and ask people who are completely impartial. Your parents and friends might be a little too biased!
  • First steps: Planning, research & feedback. Logic the idea out, do some research, get feedback from experienced individuals
  • Find customers prepared to pay… not friends or family!
  • My tip:Network! Promote yourself – dont sell yourself
  • market research to *disprove* your theory as well as support it. NB competition proves your theory! It doesn’t disprove it! (via @digitalwestie)
  • organise Twitter focus groups for new business ideas? Call them twests?! (via @tutorsalliance)
  • Research your idea, then get out there & test it out! Need some desk research first, but best research is with real customers
  • you can access market research reports from orgs like Business Gateway
  • Also lots of free reports – just google! But use common sense to interpret what you read
  • Ask bloggers in your chosen sector, they have finger-on-the-pulse data & can help getting your idea out there after research (via @tartancat)

One response to “Once someone has an idea, what should their first steps be?

  1. Write it down it will help crytalise it. Then reflect on …what are the major challenges to make this happen? Then go find people you trust and ask them …what major challenges do you see to make this happen?