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Robert Hoving talks ShirtbyHand and growing his business!

“I set up my company, (Shirtbyhand) myself in may 2011 and have run the business single handed since. As we do a lot of personal appointment at people offices and customers the area we work in is limited, due to this I have mainly focused on Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and travel down to London a few times a year.

A few months ago I came to the point where I needed to get new people on board to keep the company growing as there is only that much you can do by yourself. In October I started conversation with a sport player who now has joined the company (press releases will be out soon so watch this space…).

He is based in Edinburgh and has a huge network out there. Due to this sport commitments he cannot do the personal appointments himself and that is when we started the recruitment process. We found the right candidate for our style advisor position in Edinburgh in the first week of 2013. Our new employee will start her training this weekend during the Your Wedding Exhibition in Aberdeen where ShirtbyHand has stand.”

Exciting to see Roberts business growing. SIE look forward to reading the press releases to be released soon and wish him well.