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Scottish Entrepreneurial Academy: Building your Business Profile Effectively!

Our fourth Scottish Entrepreneurial Academy (SEA) workshop took place on the 6th of September in Edinburgh. The topic for the day was Building your Business Profile Effectively. SIE Business Advisor, Tom, McGuire, sums up what attendees learned on the day.

September’s SEA workshop was a very hands-on look at how to build your reputation via social and main stream media. We began the day with a session from Adam Gordon of Social Media Search. He gave us a live Linkedin session, demonstrating the same techniques he used to create his highly successful business. Our own SEA member, Blair Bowman, shared his story of how he built the global phenomenon World Whisky Day, armed only with a domain name, a Twitter account and a Facebook page. We finished the day with a session from Graeme Cleland of The Big Partnership. Graeme had participants playing the role of a local newspaper editor with the power to decide which stories made it to the front page, or to the bin!

Here are my ten tips from the days learning:

  1. Think of your network as an ecosystem or community.
  2. Provide credibility via your profile. Add your story, and a picture.
  3. Choose Linkedin groups carefully; pick ones with many of your target audience.
  4. Share your insights in return for goodwill. Lead the conversation.
  5. Always be relevant and avoid self-promotion. Never be “salesy” !
  6. Be aware of the peak times to share with your audience.
  7. PR stories with a great picture have much better chance of publication.
  8. When it comes to the perfect PR picture, tell the story, think about location, do work with children and animals and get close!
  9. Bill Gates: “If I was down to the last dollar of my marketing budget I’d spend it on PR”.
  10. Get advice on PR, plan ahead, be nosey, and respond quickly!

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