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The benefit of starting a business in Scotland

The Young Innovators Challenge

When it comes to starting a business, Scotland, part of an Island, more out of Europe than in it and may not seem like the most obvious first choice. 

However looks can be deceiving; with a rich history of innovation supported by graduates of some of the oldest universities in Europe, Scotland has managed to translate its successful past into a strong and diverse economy with plenty of opportunities for the budding entrepreneur. 

Scotland’s traditional industries like textiles and food and drink have seen vast improvements and modernisation. They are now complemented by world class activities in modern industries such as the sciences and information technology. 

With huge multinational organisations dominating the business world, small locally owned businesses providing specialist products to niche markets are seeing resurgence.  Excellent transport links and affordable premises make Scotland an ideal country to use as a hub for international activity.

There is huge support in Scotland for anyone wanting to start a business. With organisations like, The Scottish Institute for Enterprise, Entrepreneurial Spark, Business Gateway and many more, you are never more than an email or phone call away from an expert who can offer you free advice and support to get your business off the ground.

The Scottish Institute for Enterprise have been looking for creative inventive and innovative 18-24 final year students and trainees from across Scotland over the last few months for the Young Innovators Challenge. Applications closed for the first part of the challenge on the 31st May and finalists have now been selected.  We are looking forward to the next part of the Challenge: the Young Innovators Bootcamp taking place later this month.