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The Scottish Entrepreneurial Academy Tackles Sales and Negotiation

The first workshop for members of the Scottish Entrepreneurial Academy (SEA) took place on the 8th of March in Edinburgh. Attendees were joined by four speakers who focused on Sales and Negotiation. SIE Business Advisor, Tom McGuire, rounds up what they learned below.

Think of a time when you felt proud of yourself. Take a moment and remember it. What memories do you have? What do you see, smell or feel? What emotions did you feel?

Now, come back to the present. How have those memories changed how you feel right now? Perhaps you feel more energised or your body posture changed. Recalling positive memories changed your present ‘state’. Imagine being able to change your own state like this so you were always at your best for important times of your life.

This was one of the techniques we learned from Debi Beattie at the first SEA Workshop. So, why does state matter in sales? Well, “people buy people”. Go into a sales meeting feeling positive, confident and energetic. Be in your zone!

If you haven’t had an experience of selling yet, we all know what it’s like to buy. Have you ever said to a sales assistant “I’m just browsing” when actually you were keen to buy? Or, let someone give their sales pitch for half an hour when you had no need or intention to buy? When buying we tend to hide our true intentions, especially when we feel like we are being “sold to “. Eddie Eason of Sandler Training helped us see that ‘customers always mislead on interest’. The big learning point from Eddie was that we need a sales system that helps both parties to honestly explore if there are emotionally compelling reasons to do business. This system needs to be built around an understanding of how people buy. Use the system effectively and you will never hear those dreaded words at the end of a sales call – “let me think about it”!