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Rebecca Pick: An Entrepreneurial Mindset

I started a business 6 years ago and it was unquestionably the best decision I’ve ever made. My business has taken me to Boston, to California, I work with a phenomenal team everyday, I work on something I’m passionate about everyday… and in these Corona-virus times I’ve got more job certainty than a lot of people.

I can also say I was named one of the 5 Most Influential Women in Scottish Tech (Scotsman), I sit on the Prime Minister’s Business Council and my company was named one of the 100 Most Innovative and Disruptive Companies in the UK (Sunday Times & Maserati 100). I didn’t set out with any of this mind, I simply had an idea about how to keep people safer and I wanted to bring that idea to life.

I wanted to create a personal attack alarm that would guarantee a police response to a persons’ exact location. I wanted to make the world a safer place and 6 years later my company now does that, albeit in a slightly different form than I had first imagined. Pick Protection is a leading provider of lone worker and employee protection solutions. We provide employees and employers peace of mind by providing technologically advanced, easy to use solutions and excellent service.

These are changing times and Covid-19 has had, and will continue to have, a huge impact on the economy. Whilst we believe a lot of organisations will have to cut costs in order to survive this period and they may indeed have to cut their budgets for employee protection, we are also seeing that the virus has put employee protection and welfare to the top of a lot of organisations’ priority lists. As businesses spend money equipping their offices with protective screens, hand washing stations and socially distancing stickers they are also thinking about what else they need to keep their staff safe. This presents an opportunity for Pick Protection and others in the security and health and safety markets.

As we at Pick Protection are looking at what we can do to help businesses in these strange times we are also looking at the wider trends such working environments, corporate cultures, communications technology and more. The traditional market we are operating in is changing all the time as the world evolves and we want to ensure we remain at the forefront of our industry. For us, technology, particularly communications technology, is particularly exciting because as technology in this area advances it allows us to provide even better, more protective solutions for our customers. One day I see dedicated hardware devices becoming obsolete for protecting lone workers as solutions will be software based and sensor driven and ‘having no signal’ will be a thing of the past.

Looking to the future and the requirements of businesses going forward I think having an entrepreneurial mindset will be a requirement for almost every job role. The pace of change in the world is getting faster and faster and every department in every organisation needs to be able to identify how to take advantage of these changes rather than be threatened by them. That entrepreneurial mindset also means people do not have to rely on joining an existing company to make a living. As change happens, opportunities are created. I didn’t know where my idea for a safety alarm would take me. I would be lying if I said there haven’t been ups and downs but taking the first step to start my business was the best decision I’ve made. The future is uncertain but it’s also full of opportunity.

– Rebecca Pick, Pick Protection

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