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Scotland’s innovative students meet to create a map to the future!

Students from all over Scotland braved the rugby travel crowds on Saturday and packed into the Teacher Building in Glasgow for the Silver stage of the Scottish Innovative Student Awards programme.

The students worked in teams with facilitators from SIE, three of Scotland’s Innovation Centres, The DataLab, CENSIS and the Digital Health and Care Institute, to explore the future of innovation in the home and identify specific areas for action.

The participants were encouraged to draw on their coursework and personal skills to inform the intensive workshop and help create a map to the future.  The insights will be presented to government by the SISA Silver participants at a special parliamentary reception later in the year.

Fiona Godsman, CEO of SIE, said:

“We were really excited by the enthusiasm of the students, who threw themselves into the challenges of the day. They found some very interesting insights that we’re looking forward to showcasing to government later in the year. Our students are building the future of Scotland and SISA is an opportunity to recognise what they need to do to contribute to a positive and successful future.”


Information on the Gold stage of the Scottish Innovative Student Awards and how to apply will be available soon.




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