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SIE and Strathclyde University “Hack the Law” with Scotland’s next generation of lawyers


Law undergraduates from Strathclyde university got together to ‘hack the law’ and experience innovation and entrepreneurship in a special event organised by PHD student Christian Geib.

Christian was keen that the attendees were given a solid grounding in finding an area of impact and the right ways of coming up with good quality ideas.

Ann Davidson from the Scottish Institute for Enterprise was brought on board as an event partner, having helped arrange similar events in Dundee (Designs on Justice) and Napier University, which have drawn the attention of the Law Society of Scotland.

Having identified areas for impact, and come up with ideas with the help of SIE, the students then worked with Josh Sauter from the Strathclyde Entrepreneurial Network on pitching skills and potential business plans.

Law and innovation may not seem like ideal bedfellows as first, but as Ann explains:

“There’s strong evidence to suggest that legal institutions and lawyers will be changing radically in the next few decades with some saying that 2/3 of lawyers won’t be practicing law in the way that they are now. It’s important that graduates are prepared to be innovative. They will also be working as professionals within the support ecosystem and this solid experience of innovation and the entrepreneurial mindset will give them a competitive edge after graduation.”

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