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SIE create a “High Impact” at Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012

As an organisation responsible for promoting and supporting entrepreneurship across HEI’s in Scotland, it is no surprise that we were busy over the month of November celebrating all things entrepreneurial for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012.

As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week in the East, SIE worked with Edinburgh University’s LAUNCH.ed to host a number of events in Edinburgh University. We have just been advised that these events have just made “High Impact” status by GEWUK so we just couldn’t wait to share with you this great news!

It doesn’t stop there! In the West, we hosted another event now recognised as “High Impact”; but what makes this particular event so special is it was organised by an SIE Student Intern. Tadas Labudis, the SIE Informatics Intern for the University of Glasgow worked alongside CompSoc to organise a session aimed at students with an idea for a business, but who were unsure how to take their idea and make it into a reality.

Guest speakers were on hand to give students advice on what their next steps should be and to talk about their personal experience of business and entrepreneurship. Speakers included: David Balkind (Innovation Specialist, Scottish Executive), Jamie McHale (Founder of and Telaco), Marco De Nichilo (Founder of, Jonathan Balkind (President of CompSoc) and SIE’s very own CEO, Fiona Godsman. Event organiser, Tadas Labudis also gave an insightful presentation because, not only is he busy studying at university and working part time as a Student Intern with SIE, his is also a young entrepreneur and Founder of Eventhread.

As the curtain closed on the presentations pizza and after dinner drinks provided a more relaxed atmosphere ideal for a spot of networking. The night definately seemed to be a success,

There were over 50 in attendance at the event and from feedback gathered we found that over 90% of students said that they would recommend a future event to their friend and that they thought the event was, “Excellent…”

Talking about the event CompSoc President Jonathan Balkind, said:

“As many new startups thesedays come from computing ideas, encouraging entrepreneurship among students in our school is a big goal of ours. We were really pleased to see some of the best turnout for a Compsoc event that we’ve seen in the last few years and all of the students really enjoyed it. We hope we can organise more of these soon to keep everyone interested in entrepreneurship!”

We want to congratulate Tadas on his brilliant achievement; we are certainly looking forward to future joint SIE and CompSoc events. Finally, we want to say a special thanks to LAUNCH.ed and to everyone who helped make our events throughout GEW a success.

For the full list of events recognised as “High Impact” check out: –!

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