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SIE’s Hauntrepreneurs – #1 Sadako

“She just wanted to be heard.”

You’ve heard about that video tape, right? They say that it’s cursed. They say that after you watch it, you get a mysterious phonecall…and seven days later, you die. Of course you have. Everyone’s heard about it. That’s because the most effective form of marketing also happens to be one of the most accessible: word of mouth. Nobody else has mastered going viral quite like our number one Hauntrepreneur, Sadako.

What is it about her message that gets everyone talking? She employs several tried and tested marketing strategies, and pulls them off with spectacular flair. First, she pairs her message with striking, memorable imagery. What do you immediately associate with her cursed video? It’s the white ring on a black screen, immortalised in the name of her movie – The Ring. Second, she keeps her message simple and unambiguous. She even calls you personally to make sure you get it. You have seven days to live. No ifs, ands or buts.

Third, and most importantly, she gives her target audience a powerful stake in her message. She lets viewers know that what she has to say matters to them – it’s life or death, in fact. This is what’s known as the ‘buy-in’. By giving the viewer a strong motivation to pay attention, Sadako ensures a high engagement rate. She even goes a step further, incentivising her audience to share the tape (okay, so ‘share this or I’ll kill you’ might not fly for most of the living, but the principle is sound).

Finally, Sadako knows how to seal the deal with a strong follow-through. This is more crucial than you might realise, but think about it – people would stop talking about the video pretty quickly if she didn’t deliver on her promises. We’re not endorsing climbing through screens to give your customer the hard sell, but the girl from the well has the right attitude. If Sadako ever retires from the curse industry, we could see a bright future for her in enterprise.

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Happy Halloween!

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