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SIE’s Hauntrepreneurs – #10 Patrick Bateman

“Look at that subtle off-white coloring; the tasteful thickness of it… Oh my God, it even has a watermark.”

How many hours have you spent getting your logo design exactly right? Coming up with the perfect name for your latest product? How much should you spend on a slick website, professional promo shoots, branded t-shirts and pens and beanbags and tennis balls? Certainly, establishing an identity for your new business is important – but don’t be a Patrick Bateman. Image isn’t everything.

It doesn’t matter how tasteful your business card is, or how sophisticated your assessment of Huey Lewis and the News. If there’s nothing to back it up, nobody will remember your name. Your core values are what will define your customers’ relationship to your brand, so make sure first and foremost that they’re solid (and preferably more ethical than murder).

Of course, it’s much easier to teach branding than it is to teach personal values. If you have a mission in mind and an idea to make it happen, you’re already more than halfway there. Get in touch with SIE’s business advisors to discuss your next steps, or enter your idea in October’s Fresh Ideas Competition for a chance to win cash prizes and a full package of tailored support. Just do us a favour and leave the axe at home.

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