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SIE’s Hauntrepreneurs – #9 Edward Malus

“What’s in the bag? A shark or something?”

Do you have a strong drive to create impact? Perhaps you have an idea that could help a particular community, or you’re out to resolve a major social issue. You probably have the best of intentions – but be wary. As Edward Malus learns in Wicker Man, going in without a strong understanding of your target market can easily spell disaster.

What did Ed do wrong? Simple. He skimped on his research. A strong purpose like “prevent human sacrifice” is key to shaping a plan of action, in business or in police work. However, with no grasp of his target demographic’s culture, Mr. Malus stood no chance of convincing others to support his cause.

If you’re out to make a difference, it’s vital to understand what your customers really need, and what they expect from you. Do they need a moral lecture from a man in a bear suit? Or do they just want a ritual vessel to turn into a human beehive? Get in touch with SIE’s business advisors for guidance in designing your social enterprise, or enter the Fresh Ideas Competition for a chance at cash prizes and ongoing business support. Don’t get burned!

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