When you start your entrepreneurial journey with SIE, we need you to complete the information below so that we can help you. We take the security of your data very seriously which is processed in accordance with our privacy policy, which you can read in full using the link below. We will not share your personal data without your permission.

In the UK, you have a lot of control of the data that an organisation holds about you. In particular:

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By default this is how SIE will contact you. You will not receive our e-newsletter or other communications unless you request them.
If you have already graduated, please select where you graduated from. It is important that we are able to show how many students we are working with from each college or university in Scotland and this helps us plan any additional support that your institution needs.
eg BA Business and Marketing. Knowing what subjects our clients are studying helps us plan our teaching content and provide more effective one to one support.
Please tell us when you expect to graduate, e.g. 2020. SIE can work with graduates for two years after graduation. If you have already graduated, please tell us when you graduated.


This will include updates on enterprise competitions, opportunities and news about entrepreneurs who started with or are working with SIE.
These would be infrequent messages about opportunities our team feel would benefit you specifically