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SISA Level 2: Innovation Catalysts take on Climate Action

Innovative students from across Scotland made the most of the 2020 Leap Day on Saturday, coming together in Dundee for our biggest SISA Level 2 workshop to date. In partnership with four of Scotland’s leading innovation centres (CENSIS, the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre, The Data Lab, and the Digital Health and Care Institute), SIE led over 130 attendees through a packed schedule of hands-on problem solving focused on the UN’s 13th Sustainable Development Goal: Climate Action.

Attendees were able to apply the skills developed through their experiences at SISA Level 1, taking on real world issues faced by a present and future global populace under pressure from a changing climate. Working in mixed multi-disciplinary groups, students developed exciting new concepts representing social and technological innovations that are likely to emerge over the next decade.

With attendance at an all-time high, the buzz in the room was incredible. Groups worked together to pool insights from a huge diversity of academic backgrounds, pitching to their peers and giving and receiving feedback to further hone their abilities as design-thinkers, team builders, and expert communicators.

The day culminated with all attendees receiving their well-earned Level 2 certificates, signposting to future academic peers and employers that they are fully prepared to take on new and emerging challenges as their careers progress. Thank you to all staff and students who attended for making it an incredible afternoon, and good luck to all of our new Level 2: Innovation Catalysts!

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