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Students bring fresh thinking to the future of Scotland’s health and care.

A new partnership between the Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE) and Digital Health & Care Institute (DHI) will allow undergraduate and early postgraduate students from Scottish Universities to bring their insights and perspective to cutting-edge developments in digital health innovation.

As a result of this partnership, SIE invited students from the University of Strathclyde and Edinburgh Napier University to participate in “A Scottish Ecosystem for Innovation: Innovation of Health & Social Care Integration” a DHI event which took place at the Technology & Innovation Centre, Glasgow on Dec 10th.

DHI is an Innovation Centre, funded by the Scottish Funding Council with a role to address modern health and care challenges through the development of new ideas for digital health and care technology and information services that can improve how health and care is delivered within Scotland. As part of its programme of support in colleges anduniversities, SIE provides enterprise and innovation training to undergraduates and early postgraduates across Scotland, developing the entrepreneurial mindsets critical for our future prosperity. The partnership between DHI and SIE provides an important pathway for Scotland’s students with an interest in the future of healthcare to access DHI programmes and activities and strengthen their impact.

At this latest event, the students had a unique opportunity to collaborate with experienced professionals and innovators and explore the challenges and opportunities within health and social care integration. Each of them was encouraged to reflect on the experience and its potential for their career plans and what they might achieve.

The results from this firstc ollaboration were very positive. As a Clinical Engineering & Health student, Ahmed Sweilam, from Edinburgh Napier University said:

“It helped me have a more holistic image of NHS Scotland and the government initiatives to integrate Health & Social Care. Seeing all those young talents sharing their ideas and products and the support that they receive to develop them further had a very strong impact on me. There are people out there who will help me!”

Commentating on the new partnership with SIE, Brendan Faulds, Chief Operating Officer at the Digital Health & Care Institute, said:

“We continue to innovate ourselves at these DHI events and this time we were delighted to have the contribution of students from Scottish Universities. We were very impressed with their contribution and this strategic partnership will allow us to get fresh eyes on our challenges.”

Fiona Godsman, CEO of the Scottish Institute for Enterprise, continued:

“This partnership is an important development for SIE and a fantastic opportunity to bring together Scotland’s students, who are full of new ideas, with experts and professionals outside of the traditional academic environment. As this continues, it has real potential to have a transformative impact.”

(Pictured L to R: Favour Ajah – Edinburgh Napier University, Eva Jendro – University of Strathclyde, Ahmed Sweilam – Edinburgh Napier University, Rebecca Hamilton – Edinburgh Napier University, and Nikita Tavares – Edinburgh Napier University).

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