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Students Tackle Sustainable Development Goals at SISA Level 2

This Saturday saw students from across Scotland gather at thestudio… in Glasgow to take part in Level 2 of the Scottish Innovative Student Awards programme and sharpen their innovative skills. The day was packed with opportunities for hands-on learning, networking and real world inspiration from four of Scotland’s leading innovation centres (CENSIS, the Construction Scotland Innovation CentreThe Data Lab, and the Digital Health and Care Institute).

The workshop was focused on exploration of the UN’s 11th Sustainable Development Goal: Sustainable Cities and Communities. Throughout the day students developed and applied innovative and future-thinking skills to imagine new strategies for attaining this benchmark, identifying current social and tech trends and envisioning how they might be progressed.

Participants worked in mixed groups, sharing insights from a diversity of academic backgrounds and personal experiences to come up with collaborative solutions. In addition to drawing on the skills attained at SISA Level 1, the students demonstrated strong communication and teamwork as well as an impressive level of talent and passion for the material.

After a long, productive day, we were delighted to award the participants with their SISA Level 2 certificates. As they go forward into academic and professional careers, we look forward to seeing the impact of their outstanding innovative skills. Well done to everybody who attended!

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