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Television is Scots Favourite Scottish invention

A recent survey has revealed that the TV is our favourite Scottish invention.

The survey, delivered by The Young Innovators Challenge, found that 38 per cent of Scots believed that John Logie Baird’s invention ranks as our greatest ever export.

The telephone received 17 per cent of the vote and the indoor toilet and penicillin each collected 16 per cent of the poll. The survey also highlighted that Scots lack an awareness of how we have helped shape the modern world. The pneumatic tyre, fax machine, radar and steam engine all scored low in the vote, with many commenting that they had no idea that the innovations were developed by a Scot.

The Young Innovators Challenge — run by Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE) on behalf of the Scottish Government — is a national competition looking to track down the next generation of Scottish innovators.

SIE CEO Fiona Godsman said: “Scotland has rich history for innovation and we really have punched above our weight in shaping the modern world, developing ground breaking solutions to the challenges of their times. Today we are still recognised internationally for our cutting-edge research techniques and commitment to developing new products and services.”

“Innovation is fundamental to Scotland’s future and this underlines the importance in investing in our young people to ensure we continue to develop novel solutions to globally recognised problems.”

The survey has been conducted ahead of the closing date of the Young Innovators Challenge on the 31st of May.

The Young Innovators Challenge is a competition open to 18-24 year old final year students and has six categories. The categories include: oil and gas, renewable energy, built environment, food and drink, textiles, and a General category. The entrant with the best idea in each category will win up to £50,000 to develop their idea plus a year’s dedicated business support.

Three finalists, which can be individuals or three teams, will also be given the chance to attend a business boot camp at the Apex Hotel in Dundee. The lucky finalists will have access to industry experts for vital business advice and valuable support throughout the four day event.

Fiona added: “This is more than a money prize; this is a life changing opportunity. By taking part in the competition participants will be given the chance to develop business and entrepreneurial skills and gain a better understanding of the business world. We have been encouraged by the response so far. I would encourage anyone who is interested to enter now before it is too late.”

For more information on the Young Innovators Challenge please visit: [](

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