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Yoga Stretches into Enterprise!

Our Innovation & Enterprise Director, Ann Davidson, celebrates her fourth anniversary at SIE in January! She talks below about her experience of using yoga to develop entrepreneurial skills and introduces Judi Farrell, Owner of Merchant City Yoga.

My fourth SIE anniversary coincides with the time I began to practice Yoga on a serious basis. As our Innovation and Enterprise Programme expanded rapidly, yoga has helped boost flagging energy levels and keep me healthy which is as far as the connection between work and yoga has been – until now!

Back in January 2012, the Dean of Babson College was already making comparisons with yoga and the practice of entrepreneurship. He used the analogy of yoga practitioners finding their pain point in a posture, pulling back until that pain became a feeling of discomfort that they could sustain in the posture. By holding this discomfort they progressed into the more advanced postures. His advice to entrepreneurs was to do the same; discomfort would lead to progress and advancement in their entrepreneurial journey. When delivering workshops as part of the Innovation and Enterprise programme, I have conveyed this message by giving yoga analogies to illustrate ‘playing to your edge’; developing muscle memory when developing skills as an innovative thinker.

As a means of deepening my own practice, I commenced Yoga Teacher Training in September 2014 and since then I have been making more connections with Yoga and Entrepreneurship. What if we were to mirror the physical and mental aspects of yoga in our mind to open up to fresh ways of seeing the world and new opportunities? If we pull back our shoulders and raise our heads are we more likely to see things and invite people to engage with us. If we drop our heads and hunch our shoulders then we miss things and does this not apply to the application of minds as well?

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